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Advertising Research

Customized and Branded Research Solutions.


Advertising Research

Advertising Research conducted to improve the efficacy of advertising. It may focus on a specific ad or campaign, or may be directed at a more general understanding of how advertising works or how consumers use the information in advertising. It can entail a variety of research approaches, including psychological, sociological, economic, and other perspectives.

Through Technocrat Technologies research an advertiser can better understand what will be useful in an advertisement and increase the probability of making good choices. Marketing research is defined as the systematic gathering, recording, and interpretation of information related to all marketing mix variables. Advertising research is a specialized form of marketing research that focuses on the planning, preparation, and placement of advertising and is conducted by an ad agency.

Why Advertising Research

Develop optimal marketing strategies
Build stronger brands
Improve product quality
Increase advertising effectiveness
Accelerate new product development
Improve package communication

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