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Brand and Consumer Research

Customized and Branded Research Solutions.

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Brand and Consumer Research Services

Successfully positioning a brand requires consumer insight. Brands are owned in the minds of consumers so unless you know how consumers perceive your brand and those of your competitors, you will not know which brand position (or unique value proposition unique selling proposition) is going to be most advantageous for your brand. At a minimum, you should know which potential consumer values or benefits achieve ALL of the following:

Relevant to the purchase of your brands products or services

Unique among competitive alternatives
Emotionally compelling
Purchase motivating
Protect able over the medium to long-term

Brand owners can identify potentially advantageous brand values and benefits through qualitative research (focus groups, mini-groups and one-on-one depth interviews). Then, through quantitative research, they can evaluate the top brand positioning options against each of the evaluation criteria listed above to identify the most advantageous position to select.

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