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Private Online Research Panels

Customized and Branded Research Solutions.

private online research

Private Online Research Panels

Private online panels or communities are typically groups of customers (or consumers) that are willing to participate in surveys, focus groups, and other types of research. Generally, a private panel is made up of thousands of customers (or consumers), and are used primarily for surveys, focus groups, and other types of research projects. A private panel tends to have a long life; it can be operated for many years, if new panelists are recruited on a regular basis. It is important that panel members are surveyed often enough (usually, six or more times per year) to keep them involved and interested in the panel.

Common Uses of Private Online Panels

Since private panels tend to be made up primarily of customers (i.e., they are more likely to join your private panel than non-customers), this tends to restrict “private panel” research studies to those that are appropriate for customers.

Quantitative Studies

Product usage studies among customers
Customer preferences for new package designs
Customer reactions to proposed advertising
Customer taste testing or customer reactions to products
Screening of promotion ideas among customers Testing names of line extensions among customers
Customer screening of new product concepts
Testing website videos
Online focus groups
Online depth interviews
Mobile ethnography
Online forums
In-the-Moment qualitative

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