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Publication Support

publication support

Publishing research is a long and complicated process. Multiple factors contribute to the selection and subsequent publication of any research manuscript by the target journal after submission. Our work starts where your research ends. With our publication support package, you can be free of the vexatious task of managing the submission and publication processes. We endeavor to manage the entire process with minimal hassles for you, using our years of experience in dealing with the leading academic journals.

In our attempt to help researchers in sharing their research with the world, we offer several value-added Publication Support Services. These services include:


Our publication experts will ensure that your manuscript and references are formatted according to the guidelines and style guide of your target journal. We focus on the small details so that you can focus on the big picture.

Journal Selection:

Selecting the right journal is critical to ensure that your paper gets published. Papers are often rejected because the research topic is beyond the scope of the journal or is aimed at a different target audience. After analyzing the research manuscript, we list 6 best-suited journals for your manuscript and prepare a report listing the pros and cons of submitting to each. By submitting to journals that is best-suited for your paper, you can avoid unnecessary rejection.

We have listed below some of the points that our experts analyze.

Formatting and Submission:

The process of submitting your manuscript to a journal is complicated and time-consuming. We know what journals expect. Simply send us your manuscript with all the necessary information, and we’ll handle the rest.

Our publication experts understand the technical requirements for submission. In the submission process, they will