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Interior design courses in chennai

Smart, Elegant and Efficient Training Solution.


Interior Design Training

Understand the best way to trigger your creative thoughts and to streamline your ideas in designing best interiors for different types of space, through the diploma in interior design course at technocrat technologies. Step into technocrat to seek a crowning career in interior designing.

The course teaches all the industry-standard concepts and techniques right from drawing and design fundamentals to building typologies, all related software/tool, acoustics, lighting, parametric modeling, and client presentations.

Need to Study Interior Design

The field of interior designing has seen a tremendous growth as the modern society has understood the influence of its aesthetic appeal in setting the mood of the place. as interior designing is not just about the looks but is more about the feel of the place, space management and much more, it requires specialist skills to procure such specialist skills, you need to undergo a professional training and practice the learning in a highly-equipped environment.

The course will help you to

  • Learn the evolution of design, basic design principles, design philosophies, and other attributes of a good design.
  • Conceptualize an idea in terms of designing and space planning.
  • Explore your artistic skills in different media through proper understanding of anatomy, and transportation and landscape representation.
  • Practice Pointillism, Line Rendering, Doodling, Outdoor Sketching, Typography and Calligraphy.
  • Learn ideation, concept generation and visualization through Mind map, Mood board and so on.
  • Understand designing of products and furniture, and digital designing.
  • Understand the nuances of building construction, from basic floor layout to the superstructure including foundation systems, masonry, load-bearing wall systems, stairs, arches, lintels, carpentry, joinery, roof systems and coverings, painting, plastering, thermal protection and so on.
  • Learn about building materials and explore the possibilities of using particular materials for particular spaces.
  • Understand about the services like damp proofing, fire protection, water supply, drainage, ventilation, false ceiling, flooring, electrical works, plumbing, telephone and internet connections and mechanical movement systems.
  • Create service layouts to support the technical drawings.

  • Interior Design, Principles and Theory
  • Freehand Drawing
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Interior Color Application
  • Presentation Drawing 1
  • Computer Graphic Skills
  • Cultural Studies
  • Creativity and Concept development
  • 2D Computer Aided Drawing
  • Interior Materials and Finishes
  • Academic Research and communication skills
  • 3D Computer Aided Drawing
  • Presentation Drawing 2
  • Computer Rendering and Animation
  • Construction Studies 2
  • Furniture History, Design and Application
  • Budget Costing and Documentation
  • Portfolio
  • Design Studio 4 - Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Internship

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