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Research Methodology Course

Smart, Elegant and Efficient Training Solution.


Research Methodology Training Course

Technocrat Technologies is a leading research consulting organization. We offer customized consultation and support services for doctoral candidates and master's students. We have designed our services to remain ethical, affordable and yet maintain efficacy of the same. Technocrat Technologies is a legally registered firm in Chennai.

Who Can Attend

Technocrat technologies guidance program is designed to educate, teach and create awareness to institutional heads, department heads, staffs, master students, bachelor students, and research enthusiasts, about the various fact of research arena.

What Do We Teach

  • The Following Syllabus will be taught / demonstrated by well trained & qualified researchers.
  • Research Methodology
  • How to write a research paper for publication
  • How to frame new concepts for research
  • How to apply for PhD
  • Scope of Research
  • Publication Process / Peer review process / Scientific Methodology
  • Tools for Statistical Analysis
  • Technical Writing Training
  • How to write a thesis / dissertation
  • Additional Value Training
Benefits of Attending the Program

  • The Following Syllabus will be taught / demonstrated by well trained & qualified researchers.
  • The Researcher will become aware of and knowledgeable Research Career and opportunities
  • Develop awareness of technical writing all kind research oriented writing
  • Developing awareness of value of research
  • Additional Training like Soft Skills & Life Skills training will increase your work life balance, Time management and so on
  • Develop awareness of Peer Review and Publication Process

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