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Spoken Hindi Coaching Chennai

Smart, Elegant and Efficient Training Solution.


Spoken Hindi Coaching Chennai

Spoken Hindi course is for students with little or no exposure in Hindi language. This course helps them experience full-fledged Hindi at close quarters and enjoy learning in a dynamic way. We make certain they understand the basic steps in framing sentences and apply them progressively with every passing day. The course starts with the basic level, gradually moves up to the intermediate and culminates at the advanced level.

Our Training consists of the following

  • Introduction to the Structure of the Language in contrast to English.
  • Training on Hindi Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
  • Construction of sentence.
  • Progressive teaching of phrases.
  • Hindi Grammar.
  • Hindi Accent.
  • Developing the listening and speaking skills in Hindi.
  • Conversation lessons and group interaction in Hindi.
  • Reading and writing Hindi.
  • Neutralizing language interference.
  • Hindi Translation.
  • International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
Our Features

  • Our Hindi language program integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Through innovative techniques and meticulously designed course books, we introduce the script and the fundamental principles involved in effective speaking.
  • Phonetics, grammar, word formation, spellings are all given equal importance which in turn facilitates the learning process easy with no apprehension.
  • Ample scope for interaction in class helps in gaining control of the language and ascertains the learner’s response in appropriate situations.
  • Literary works and formal writings introduced to encourage reading habits as well as grasp the full implication of the intensity of the language.
  • The Class work with required homework and activities helps bring acquired Hindi to life within the local community.

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